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About Us

We are a Professional Commercial and Residential Handyman Service that serves the San Diego area specializing in reliable handyman services, property repairs, and unit turn services.

Our Story

Esteban, Founder and Co-Owner of Maintenance Medics, started the company as an extension of his experience as an EMT which has led to offering a unique, one-of-a-kind service. “Before I went to the world of repairs, I was studying to be a paramedic firefighter.  My passion is helping people… to come in and help them at their time of need. That’s where the name came from..”

Esteban originally began the company with 2 of his friends under the name Maintenance Medics Handyman Services. When the 3 decided to part ways, his friends were supportive of Esteban’s continued desire to run the business. After a few more years of growth, Esteban obtained his general contractor’s license and changed the company’s name to Maintenance Medics Home Services. He was also able to bring both of his brothers, Ivan and Art, into the business!

The company is now able to offer a wide range of services, but they focus on on their bread and butter... maintenance projects and handyman repairs.

Meet The Team

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