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Home Renovation

The Process

Working with a company for the first time can be stressful, we make it our goal to have a smooth onboarding process whether you are inquiring about a residential or commercial project.

Man Working from Home

Step 1:

Learn About Us

Maybe someone referred you to us or you found us online! While our social profiles have helpful info, our website has the most detailed information about our services.

Take some time to explore discover how we can help.

Step 2:

Getting in Contact

There's a variety of ways to reach us:

Learning to use smartphone
Working desk setup

Step 3:

Our Initial Conversation

Once we get connected we will chat about the details of your project like timeline and budget.

No matter the reason you're seeking out handyman, maintenance, or repair services we'll be able to assist you.

Step 4:

Your Estimate

After we get to know about your needs, our team will put together a job estimate that includes a  timeline and pricing for your review.

Building Plans
The Contract

Step 5:

Decision Making

If you are ready to move forward we will get you connected with our scheduler to book a date of service.

Step 6:

Your Project

Leading up to the day of your service you'll receive an email reminder. The day of your service you will receive text notifications when the technician is on their way AND when they are done.

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